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Based in Queensland, Collridge supplies the solar industry with universal attachment systems for the mounting of stand alone, grid connect, and ground installations of PhotoVoltaic solar panels - World-Wide. Collridge design and manufacture our products to exacting and fully engineered standards. The materials Collridge use can be fully traced from where it is mined to where it is finally extruded by Capral. All Product Development, Manufacturing, Packing and Warehousing is carried out in Australia.

Collridge hold to our commitment to keep Australian jobs and provide industry with high quality, locally designed and locally manufactured products.

Collridge are the Mega Anchor Resellers for the Australasian Solar Industry




The Mega Anchor system combined with Collridge Solar Racking Systems provide a fully engineered Australian solution in solar ground mount systems that are capable from simple domestic applications through to extensive commercial/industrial applications. More about Mega Anchor 

Why Buy Collridge Universal Solar Racking / Mounting Products?


  • The Bauxite is mined in Weipa (Qld) by Australian miners

  • Made into billets (ingots) at Boyne Island (Qld)

  • Extruded locally by Capral Pty Ltd in their plants at Bremer, Campbellfield, Penrith, Angaston and Canning Vale

  • Components & Fasteners - Stainless Steel and Aluminium are manufactured by Australian Companies

  • Freight by local Australian rail and trucking firms

  • Collridge Solar Racking System is a universal system which is not only better value but eliminates risk and ensures quality performance

  • Designed to be used for residential, commercial roof mounted and / or ground mounted. One system fits all!

  • Fewer components mean that it is easier, faster and cheaper to install. Less time on roof!

  • Using the Collridge system eliminates risk of you being deemed the manufacturer.  When installed following Collridge’s engineering specifications presents no risk at all

  • Collridge Solar Racking System meets and exceeds AS1170, BCA and the NCC

  • Collridge Solar Racking System is manufactured to meet all Local, State or Territory governments building codes and to perform in all regions from A to D

Collridge Universal Solar Racking / Mounting Products are certified to Australian Standards:

AS 1170.0, AS 1170.1, AS 1170.2, AS 1664.2, AS 1734, AS 4055, ANSI B18.2.1

Please refer to the Solar Panel Supporting System Design Manual for supporting installation documentation



Please note that Collridge Pty Ltd has diversified into different industries and our distributors may not carry our complete range of products.

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Residential Roof Mount   Tilt System Residential Tilt System

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